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Spice it up!

Hahhahahahahhahahah!!! Lovely commercial!

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Happiness Is Standing Beside Me

They say happiness is a thing you can’t see,
A thing you can’t touch – I disagree.
Happiness is standing beside me.
Happiness is whatever you want it to be.
Happiness is a high hill;
Will I find it, Yes I will.
Happiness is a tall tree,
Can I climb it – watch and see.

They say happiness is the folly of fools,
Pity poor me, one of the fools.
Happiness is smiling upon me,
Walking my way, sharing my day.
Happiness is whatever you want it to be.
Happiness is a bright star,
Are we happy – Yes we are.
Happiness is a clear sky,
Give me wings and let me fly.
Happiness is whatever you want it to be.
– From “Scrooge”

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Pooch food alert!

The following article is based on National Geographic Channel’s proven studies and something that dog owners should keep in mind when feeding your well-loved dogs.

Canine Taboos: Some seemingly innocuous foods can be lethal for dogs.

This year, pet food contaminated with melamine caused kidney failure and death in dogs. But unbeknownst to many dog owners, ordinary human foods—even in small quantities—can be just as lethal.

The list of potentially hazardous everyday human foods is growing. In 2006 the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) received approximately 116,000 calls regarding poisoning. Nearly 200 asked about xylitol, a popular sugar substitute found in baked goods, candy, and gum. And for breeds like 45-pound (20 kilograms) shar-pei Mako (featured in this interactive), even a small piece of chocolate could be perilous.

Check out the top foods your pooch shouldn’t eat:


Alcohol depresses brain function in dogs and can send them into a coma. It can cause further damage by turning their blood acidic.

Dogs are not equipped with the protective enzymes that allow humans to imbibe reasonable amounts of alcohol without harm. And because most dogs are smaller than humans and are more sensitive to alcohol, it does not take a lot to cause serious problems. How much depends on the size of the dog and the type of alcohol it consumes.

So no piña coladas for Fido—not for fun and not by accident with party leftovers.

Their damage to canine hemoglobin is cumulative, so small tastes over time can be worse than wolfing down the whole bulb.

In fact, 600 to 800 grams (21 to 28 ounces) of raw onion eaten all at once, or 150 grams (5.3 ounces) eaten over several days, can induce anemia.

Anything onion, like anything garlic, also contains the thiosulphate compound, and dogs lack the enzyme to digest it.

Toxicologists have found that grapes and raisins can cause acute renal and kidney failure.

Though there is ongoing research, some suspect the cause may be a compound soluble in water indigestible to dogs or a possible fungal toxin.

However, toxicologists do know that as few as ten raisins or grapes, anywhere from nine ounces (255 grams) to two pounds (0.9 kilograms), could be fatal.
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